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The SmartRoots Global program has been designed to help schools create a culture of sustainability. We provide schools with the coaching, expertise, and tools necessary to help them meet the certification or accreditation program of their choice.

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SmartRoots Global provides professional development and teacher training courses to teachers around the world through the SmartRoots Global Teachers Academy. Courses are built around the SmartRoots Approach, and we equip teachers with skills to connect their students to local questions surrounding sustainability. We believe teachers are the 21st century ambassadors of change.

Domestic Programs

Global Programs


SmartRoots Global Core
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SmartRoots Global Core designs and develops educational programs for students that have been built around the SmartRoots Approach. Our educational programs connect students through project-based learning to sustainability challenges in their community and world. We believe equipped and empowered students are best fit to become 21st century agents of change.

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