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George Helfenstine

Resolved from the 7th grade to be a leader in education, George has focused his career on teaching native and indigenous students. Student teaching in Belize focused his goals on community improvement through global partnerships. While teaching in Alaska he helped start an Engineering Academy at his school and partnered with the Alaska Natives in Science and Engineering Program. Both support students from surrounding villages in advanced STEM classes and preparing for college. While in Hawaii, George became a National Board Certified Teacher while also serving on the school’s Leadership Team and School Community Council. These opportunities have allowed him to reach out to the diverse community and increase stakeholder involvement in the school.

George is driven and passionate, with one life goal: change the world. SmartRoots Global is the perfect platform to accomplish that task. Combining his passions for education and community-based solutions, SRG has resonated with George ever since Zac Ziebarth first introduced him to the idea in 2013. Bolstering the ClassKit and ensuring it provides easily implementable, modifiable lessons aligned with both the Common Core and Next Generation Standards was George’s first order of business. He sees the Program being implemented in schools around the country, and around the world; teachers in any school in any country should be able to make the Program work for them. He sees an organization that facilitates the connections between schools from all across the globe as a resource for all teachers and students regardless of class or grade level. Whether he is dreaming about the SmartRoots Global Flagship School, training teachers in Nicaragua on the ClassKit, developing new lessons to engage students with the SmartRoots 7, or planning future SRClub Conferences, George is committed to the success of every single student involved in the program. George may dream big, but backs up big dreams with the necessary dedication, commitment, and team work.