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The SmartRoots ClassKit is a three-week educational program designed for teachers to teach students about the SmartRoots 7 (health, people, climate, water, energy, food, and pollution) and facilitate student created initiatives in their communities. The SmartRoots ClassKit provides teacher training through the use of in-person workshops and readily accessible web-based modules.

SRG ClassKit Schedule

Engaging Lessons

Each SmartRoots lesson has been designed to engage, explore, and explain the basic concepts of global challenges surrounding the SmartRoots 7  health,  people, climate, water, pollution,  food and energy.  Daily lessons will consist of an engaging activity encompassing the topic for that given day, and modules that create interest and generate curiosity among students. 

SRG Class Project

The SRG Class Project turns knowledge into action.  For this classroom lead project, teachers and schools have the opportunity to choose a project that best fits the needs of their community.  Implemented during the last week of the program, the project will last long-term and become an initiative of the SmartRoots Club at the school.  Possible projects the class can choose from include, but are not limited to a: Classroom Garden, Recycling Program, Compost Project, Community Assembly.    

SmartRoots Club

At the conclusion of the program, a SmartRoots Club will be launched at the school to support motivated students to carry out sustainable changes in their school and community. . SmartRoots Club responsibilities will be to  oversee the success of the SRG Class Project, and carry-out further community initiatives.